"La joie de vivre"

The joy of living in every picture

Award winning fine art photographer in Cairo, Egypt

Fine art photographer Alona Koenig
Alona Koenig

Memories, which won’t fade away. Precious moments of your life, which I am able to make last forever.

I am able to preserve them and bring you back to them any time you want- through the beautiful fine art images and heirloom prints. The elegance of fine art photography is timeless.

My name is Alona Koenig, and I am a fine art photographer in Cairo, Egypt. I believe in the importance of memories. I believe in the importance of images. They remember all the little details- long after you have forgotten everything.

They capture a moment that’s gone forever- only for you to always keep it in your heart. A luxury we can afford.

Whether you’re searching for a family photographer, a wedding photographer or a photographer for your engagement session- fine art photography style is the perfect choice to preserve those moments in the most elegant, timeless, romantic and sophisticated way.
Or maybe you just want to capture the milestones of your babies? I’ll be happy to meet your little ones- and the images you receive will never go out of style.
At the end, it’s all about memories. Let me preserve the ones which are the most important for you- because that’s what I do the best.

“On se prend en photo pour mieux ressentir le sens de nos vies”

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