One day, I felt special. There was nothing remarkable about the day, the sun rose and the day began, but I woke up and knew that life would never be the same. Something was different, something made that day remarkable.

I knew before I saw those two little stripes on the pregnancy test. I knew before the doctor pointed to your tiny shape on the ultrasound. My heart seemed full. That day I felt a little bit more love inside of me, deep down from somewhere that had been locked away. That was the day I loved you for the first time. You opened a brand new part of my heart and filled it with your tiny smile. The moment I found out I was expecting, everything changed.

The first time I felt your kicks inside me, I knew you were always meant to be my baby, just like I was always meant to be your mother.

One day, I will look into your eyes. I will search your face to see what parts look like me, maybe you have my nose or my hair. One day, I will hold your hand and I will count each precious finger. For today, I will protect you. I will hold you close until the world is ready for you.

I am, and will always be, your Mommy. Our family will be perfect because we have you. I will feel joy when you laugh and sorrow when you cry. I can’t wait for the first time you look at me with your beautiful eyes. My heart has grown to house all the love I hold for you. I’m looking forward to seeing your first smile. Someday soon, I’ll hold you in my arms. For now, I’m waiting.

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