Photographers near me

Hi there! I’m so happy to see you here!

I guess you’re here on purpose. Most likely, ‘family photographers near me’ or even just ‘photographers near me’ requests brought you here. Well, first of all thank you for stopping by.

Photographers near me

Photographers near me
Photographers near me


Our lives nowadays are so full of emotions, so many beautiful events are happening. At the same time, we’re always so busy, always running somewhere, always in a rush. It’s so easy to forget things which shouldn’t be forgotten.

More and more often we’ve been thinking about finding the way to preserve the memories, which are the most precious to us- and who can do it better than a photographer? Of course, we all have phones, but for sure we can’t compare the quality of the image they produce to the quality of the photos coming from the professional cameras.

Photographers near me

Actually, why did I mention it? It’s not even about that. It’s not about cameras at all. It’s all about the person who takes the photo. It’s all about his skills, his vision, his ability to catch the moment, to make you forget about the camera. That’s what professional photographer is about. He pays attention to every detail, captures every emotion, every movement- just to give you a picture you will cherish forever.


So tell me, is that something you’re looking for? Is that why you’re here?



Every photo tells a story, and every story is unique and precious to me. Why? Just because it’s all about you. It’s about your life. Your memories. Your love, your beloved ones, their smiles, all the happy moments. It’s about the things that are priceless to you.
Because every picture tells a story. And what can be more precious?

It was my pleasure having you here. Thank you for your interest to my works and I hope to meet you soon!

Alona Koenig


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