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Absolutely. No matter what photoshoot we’re talking about, one hour is more than enough to get up to 100 beautiful photos. But, there’re always exceptions.

For example, newborns and babies can need some ‘time off’. They might need to eat, their diapers might get dirty, they can just become moody for no reason… Don’t worry about that. Take your time. I will surely stay with you for half an hour longer for no extra charge- because I understand that we can’t always control the needs of our little ones!

Another thing is when you’re planning to take photos wearing a few different outfits. In this case you should think about how much time you would need for changing them- and maybe book half an hour more than what your chosen package offers.

It’s a good idea, but only if it won’t be too tiring for you. Sometimes it can become a bit overwhelming- and we don’t want that. We want this experience to be fun!

Also, please note that the time which we will need to move from one location to another is still counted as the photoshoot time. So, if your second location is a bit further away, to avoid stress and rush I would recommend booking half an hour to an hour more than what your chosen package offers.

If we finish earlier than planned, it only means that you were amazing and we’ve already got all the photos I was planning to get! It means that you will have a beautiful gallery full of images you love. Getting more of them might become overwhelming and make a choice more difficult. But, if you feel like you want to use your time up to the last minute, if you have some ideas of pictures we didn’t take yet- let’s go for it!

I would love to- but only if you allow me to. I take it very seriously. I respect your privacy and I understand there might be lots of reasons behind you not wanting to see your photos on the internet. Be sure that none of your pictures will ever be published and used in my portfolio unless you give me your written permission for that.

Life can become hectic, and I totally understand that sometimes plans just have to be changed. Yes, you can reschedule your photoshoot once. I will do my best to find another date which will work better for you. If in the end you wish to reschedule one more time, extra fees might be applied due to me not having taken any other clients for your previously booked dates.

Oh my gosh, that’s the last thing you need to worry about! Honestly. I’ve got you covered! If you wish, I’ll provide some suggestions of where to stand, where to look and what to do with your arms. It’s my job to make sure the photos will still look amazingly natural and non-posed! If you prefer, I will just let you interact with each other, let your kids play and destroy everything around.. You will love your pictures. I promise!

The earlier, the better! Seriously. Contact me as soon as you have an exact date in mind. Even if it seems like it’s too early to do that. If we talk about a busy season, I’m usually fully booked a few months in advance, so reserving your spot as early as you can would be a great idea!

It’s super simple. Just get in touch with me. Tell me what photos you would like to get, give me your preferred date in order for me to check its availability, ask me any questions you have. I will help you to choose the best time, will provide you the list of the best locations if you don’t have any particular one in mind yet. I’m not requiring any deposit, so once we agree on all the details your photoshoot is considered to be booked. I will get in touch with you a couple of days before it to confirm everything one more time, and we’ll see each other then!

Absolutely. Like, absolutely. It’s a part of my job to be your guide in this city. All you need to do is to tell me more about what you would like your photos to look like, and I’ll offer you a list of locations which might fit your idea. I will give you pros and cons of each of them, will let you know how crowded they are, what time it’s better to arrive there, if you can find a cafe inside to have a break and all the other little details you might need to know. I’m here to make your experience as smooth as possible, so don’t hesitate to ask me anything!

It takes up to 4 weeks for my clients to get their wedding galleries. If we’re talking about a casual photoshoot, photos are usually ready within two weeks. I will contact you once your gallery is ready to arrange a delivery.

Absolutely. In this case my mini sessions might be a better fit for you. They last for up to half an hour, and you get up to thirty photos at the end. Sounds good, right?
For more information, please get in touch.

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