Love is for the bold, for the timid, for the adventurer, for the home-body. Every single person deserves a chance at love, and I can only hope to find the words to express how thankful I am to have you. You smile at me and the world seems alright. It is quiet here. The laughter knows no bounds, the jokes that are so familiar still make us beam. Secret jests, secret smiles, things that only we know. It would be impossible to explain our jokes to someone else, they are special to us because of our shared experiences. We are one soul, though we are two minds. Two parts of one whole, making each other stronger and better; we excel together. 

There are many things that make me elated to be a part of your life. You have a book in your hand and a mug of tea of the table near you. Your aura spikes in beautiful golds and whites when you realize I’m looking at you. There is hope when I hear you making coffee in the kitchen, or when we sit together in contented bliss. We share a home, a life, and a heart. Even when you are not near, I am comforted by the presence I know will be nearby soon. I love hearing you squeal with delight as I come home from work, or sending you a sweet text message at lunchtime just to say I miss you. 

It is dark, the first blush of dawn rises. I beg my alarm for 5 more minutes so I can hold on to you a little longer. We finally rise. We fight, of course we fight: who gets to use the bathroom first, who’s turn it is to make coffee, if we will have oatmeal or eggs. As I brush past you while we make breakfast, you giggle. We forget the fight; I pay my debt and receive forgiveness in a thousand small dawn kisses. Our mornings are full of sugar and coffee grounds. I can go out into the world complete, knowing that you are always there. I am strengthened by the tonic your love provides. 

Before we met, the world was translucent; grey and simple, foggy and without form. The first time I saw color, it was in your eyes. You smiled and the richness of hues burst out: the blues of friendship, purples of loyalty, reds of passion, and golds of love. They followed you and flowed, painting everything that was touched with vibrancy. My life was finally filled with hues I had never seen, things I had only dreamt of, all because of one simple smile. 

Being in a partnership is more than just being friends. It is a devotion to something other than yourself.  It is being a part of each other’s lives forever. Smiling. Laughing. Overcoming. Giving hope to hopelessness. The bedrock of our love is respect, devotion, and passion; these are things I cultivate in myself and cherish in you. You are all things to me. Being a part of your life is transcendent, there is no heaven for me when you are on earth, my partner, my friend, my happiness. There is a greater word for love, and it’s “You”. Our journey isn’t over, it has just begun.

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