Your child’s personality is unique and special. For me as an Abu Dhabi cake smash photographer, capturing it in the photos is essential.
Allow your child to explore and play during the photo shoot. Certainly don’t force them to smash the cake if they don’t feel like it! By letting them be themselves, we can create photos that capture their individuality and make the shoot more authentic.

A minimalistic approach in a cake smash photo shoot means focusing on your child and the cake. I like keeping the background simple with just one or two props that match the pastel color palette. This helps create a clean, sophisticated look highlighting your child’s adorable features.
Pastel colors, which I prefer, are a great alternative to the typical bright colors used in cake smash photo shoots. They add a soft, elegant, and charming touch to your photos.

The same pastel shades can be used in the background, the cake, and the props. These colors add a gentle contrast to your photos, making them stand out from the typical cake smash photo shoots.

By baking the cake yourself, you can personalize it and make it unique to your child’s preferences. This can also be a fun and memorable experience to share with your little one.

Adding fresh flowers to the set-up will bring a natural and organic element to the photo shoot. Flowers can be used in different ways, like a crown or garland, or simply placed in the backdrop. Flowers also add a pop of color and a delicate feel to the photos.

Cake smash photo shoot in Abu Dhabi is a wonderful way to celebrate you little one’s birthday, create some sweet memories and enjoy your time together as a family. Doesn’t it sound like a wonderful thing to do?

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