In photography, mini sessions are photoshoots that usually last between 20-30 minutes and include 5-20 photos, with an option to purchase more. Studio mini sessions are also great for clients who want some classic lifestyle photos of themselves or their family, models looking to update their portfolios or even people who want to update their social media profiles with professional photos.

There are a lot of great reasons to consider booking a mini session in Cairo, Egypt. Here are ten good reasons to schedule one today.

Studio mini session in Cairo, Egypt

They’re Inexpensive Compared to a Full Session

While a full photography session can be pricey, mini sessions are a great way to have professional photos taken on a budget. Many photographers offer deals and discounts on mini sessions, and some even offer packages that include a set number of images, outfits, and poses.

They’re Easy and Convenient

More often than not, mini sessions can be scheduled around your availability and what you and the photographer agree will work best for you. So whether it’s a weekend afternoon or an early morning before school, with studio mini sessions, you’re able to get in front of the camera when it works for you.

The ease and convenience don’t end when the photoshoot is over either. With mini sessions, photographers often provide you with a list of photos from your session shortly after your time together. This makes it easy for you to choose favorites and ultimately decide which photos to purchase.

You Can Update Your Holiday Cards

If you send photo holiday cards every year, mini sessions are a great way to get a head start on next year’s cards. Instead of trying to schedule a full session when everyone is busy or rushing to get cards in the mail, you can complete your mini sessions before the holiday rush and have great photos ready when the time comes.

If you have kids, it’s especially important to capture how they’ve changed from year to year. So instead of having them get their photos taken at a random portrait studio, book a mini session so you can have pictures shot by a professional photographer who knows how to capture a child’s progress over time.

Studio mini sessions in Cairo, Egypt

They Can Capture Your Baby’s Milestones

Children grow up so fast, and mini sessions are a great way to quickly capture their milestones from year to year. You can have studio photos taken at each stage, from their first few months to the crawling stage all the way to birthday parties and family gatherings. Many photographers offer mini holiday sessions as well, allowing you to capture your child’s first Halloween or Christmas.

No matter where your child is in life, a mini session is a great way to commemorate each stage and milestone. Studio mini sessions aren’t just limited to children, either. Book a mini session in Cairo, Egypt for yourself and other family members as well. Mini sessions are perfect for documenting how you’ve changed year after year or capturing those special moments in your life together as a family.

They’re Great for Family Portraits

If you want to get family portraits taken, mini sessions are much less time-consuming than full-length portrait sessions. Since they are shorter in length, you can move through different outfits much quicker and spend more time together as a family. Family portraits are becoming a lost art, and a mini session is a great way to get family members together for some photos.

They Keep Your Family Updated

If you have family members who live far away and don’t get to see your family often, mini sessions are a great way to update them with pictures of your family. Instead of just sending a holiday card each year, you can send updated photos for every special occasion throughout the year. It’s an excellent way to stay in touch without spending a fortune on photos or cluttering up your loved one’s space with tons of bulky albums.

They’re Quick and Easy

If you’ve ever had a photo session with a cranky toddler (or a cranky husband even), you know what a difficult time they can have sitting still and looking at the camera. With studio mini sessions, you’ll be in and out before they even have time to get antsy and restless. So if you’re looking for a low-stress environment that won’t leave everyone with a headache, a mini session is a great option for you.

Holiday minis in Cairo, Egypt. Studio mini sessions in Cairo

They’re Fun for the Family

Like I mentioned, mini sessions are not only fast and low stress, they’re also fun! When you book a studio mini session, it’s an excellent opportunity to get all of your kiddos dressed up in cute outfits and have some photos taken that everyone will enjoy. Whether you schedule them around a holiday or just take advantage of a beautiful day, photographing your family is sure to be an experience the entire family remembers.

They Offer the Convenience of a Studio

If your family is anything like mine, everyone gets distracted very easily. So even if you have a photographer willing to travel to so many locations around the area, there’s always the option of scheduling studio sessions instead. They allow you to get in and out quickly while still having access to all of the bells and whistles that come with being in a studio.

Usually, they offer a variety of great backgrounds and locations, so you can have photos taken in the comfort of a professional studio in a place that works for everyone’s schedule. There’s nothing worse than having a great photoshoot ruined by a location that doesn’t have enough room for the entire family or is simply inaccessible.

They’re Affordable and Flexible

Studio sessions, on average, are much more affordable than on-location photoshoots. In addition, a studio session offers the convenience of a one-stop-shop for everything you need: photos taken, prints made, and products ordered all in one location. This can be of huge convenience to those with busy schedules or those who aren’t area locals and may not know the area very well.

Studio mini sessions in Cairo, Egypt. Photography studio Cairo

Final Thoughts on Studio Mini Sessions

Studio mini sessions in Cairo, Egypt are a great way to make your life easier while getting beautiful, professional photos for your home. Their affordability and convenience make them ideal for families with multiple members or busy schedules who still want updated pictures of their family on the wall.

If you’re looking to book a mini session, please visit the investment page to learn more.

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