Wedding photographers in Egypt – Cairo

Wedding photographers in Egypt – Cairo. For every couple in love their wedding day is something special. Something which seems to be almost impossible to imagine. Something which needs lots and lots of preparation to make everything look perfect. And one of the most important decisions to make is where the wedding will take place.

Wedding photographers in Egypt - Cairo
Wedding photographers in Egypt – Cairo


Wedding photographers in Egypt – Cairo

Destination weddings have become extremely popular now for multiple reasons. You can choose the place with the most breathtaking landscapes, the perfect weather, the softest sand. You can have your dream ceremony and dive into your honeymoon right after (literally even!), without a necessity of moving elsewhere.

Egypt, in particular Cairo, has slowly become of the most popular wedding destinations. And rightfully! The beauty of this city, its long history combined with the modern charm attract couples from all over the world. And only imagine how picture perfect a wedding hold in Cairo would look like!

Wedding photographers in Egypt
Wedding photographers in Egypt


Talking about pictures, let’s talk about professional wedding photographers in Cairo

On your wedding day, you probably want everything to be perfect. You want the best dress, the best flower arrangements, the best food, the best music.. You’re probably considering only the best wedding photographers in Cairo, and rightfully. You want to relax and have fun on your big day, you want to enjoy it and enjoy your time with your beloved ones- and you definitely don’t want to stress out trying to memorize every little detail of it. Just because it wouldn’t be possible anyway.


Let the wedding photographers in Cairo do it for you



Every love story, every engagement, every wedding are full of passionate and tender moments, love, laughter, tears of happiness and joy. And I’m here to put them into pictures. I’m here to gather those emotions, those true feelings, those unique moments – and write a novel about them, a novel consisting of photos only. Because- aren’t photos as powerful as words?

Wedding photographers in Egypt - Cairo
Wedding photographers in Egypt – Cairo


One day your kids and grandkids will take that book. They will go through every page. They will want to see what you saw, to feel the way you felt back then. Give them this chance. Look at those photos together, tell them the story of your love- and live that day once again. Together with them this time.

It was my pleasure having you here. Thank you for your interest to my works and I hope to meet you soon!

Alona Koenig


If you’re planning your trip here, it might be useful to know the monthly average temperatures in Cairo, Egypt

Monthaverage max temperatureaverage min temperature
January19 °C10 °C
February20 °C11 °C
March23 °C13 °C
April28 °C15 °C
May32 °C19 °C
June34 °C22 °C
July35 °C23 °C
August35 °C24 °C
September33 °C22 °C
October30 °C19 °C
November25 °C15 °C
December20 °C11 °C


Find more information on that and my suggestions on what to wear while in Cairo here!

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