Dress for rent Cairo, Egypt. 

There are certain events in your life that just need a photoshoot: engagement photos to announce your happy relationship, maternity photos to document your pregnancy, and more. These are events you’ll want to remember for the rest of your life, and a romantic photoshoot is the perfect way to do that. Since these pictures are so important, you’ll probably be trying to find the perfect hair and makeup styles to make sure you look absolutely beautiful. Along those lines, your outfit can be one of the most important parts of a photoshoot. It needs to be something you feel confident and lovely in that doesn’t end up being too expensive. That is where Alona Koenig, a professional photographer who specializes in wedding and boudoir photography, comes in.

Dress for rent Cairo. Alona Koenig Photography

Alona understands that finding the right outfit for a photoshoot can be stressful. The flowing and dreamy dresses you know would be perfect for your photoshoot can sadly end up being very expensive. They are also something you’ll wear primarily on special occasions like a photoshoot that don’t happen very often. That’s why Alona offers a unique Dress for Rent Cairo service. It gives you the opportunity to have your pick of beautiful dresses that you can rent and return after your photoshoot. It minimizes stress while maximizing beauty.

Having the right outfit is important, and being able to choose from a variety of lovely options and try them on in advance is an easy way to find the perfect dress for you. You can choose to go through the collection days before your photoshoot, or even right before to make a spontaneous decision. It saves you time and effort by letting you find your dream outfit in the same way you found your dream photoshoot. Renting the dress for the photoshoot and then returning it also helps you save money without sacrificing your dream dress. This service is complimentary for my clients.

Dubai wedding photographer, Abu Dhabi wedding photographer
Dubai wedding photographer, Abu Dhabi wedding photographer

As a professional photographer, Alona has a collection of unique and absolutely one-of-a-kind dresses. Most of them were custom made and perfectly fit the romantic, fine art theme that ties a photoshoot together. There are many options to choose from in different sizes and styles, so you are likely to find something that will make you smile each time you look back on your photos. Feeling beautiful and confident is a huge part of what makes a photoshoot work, and it is easy to feel that way in these lovely dresses. Pick out your favorite and feel like a princess as you pose for your photoshoot. Alona knows the right poses and postures that will make the dresses pop, and you along with it.

You will treasure the pictures from your photoshoot for a long time, and renting a beautiful dress is an easy way to make sure you will also treasure your memories of the photoshoot process. The process of choosing, renting, and returning a dress is already prepared and helps to save you time and stress leading up to your big day. You already trust your photographer to capture your upcoming event, so why not also trust them to provide a gorgeous dress? Dress for rent in Cairo, Egypt might be the service you’ve been looking for.

Rent a dress for a photoshoot in Cairo, Egypt

My client rental wardrobe is a carefully curated collection of outfits which my clients can use for their photoshoots free of charge. I have carefully chosen every piece myself. Each of them represents my photography style.

Renting a dress in Cairo, Egypt from my client wardrobe will make your photos reach the level of harmony and perfection I provide.

Look amazing. Feel amazing. Achieve the photo you want.

Dress for rent Cairo. Rent a dress in Cairo, Egypt

What sizes do you have available?

I have baby outfits from a newborn to up to 6 years old, as well as women’s gowns in sizes small to extra large.

Everything is washed, steamed or dry cleaned after the photos have been taken.

How do I choose a dress for rent in Cairo, Egypt?

Check the options under the ‘wardrobe’ section on my website, where you’ll find photos together with the information about the available sizes.

Choose three or four of your favorite ones. The baby and women’s outfits all match, so if you need matching outfits for you and your little ones, you can totally make it happen. Ask me if you need help with choosing the outfits which would work together the best.

Try the rental dresses on before the session.

I will bring them with me so you can see how they fit and look before the photoshoot begins.

If you prefer to try them on before the photoshoot day, I’m happy to offer a 30 minute consultation in my home office. Please contact me in advance to arrange that.

Dress for rent in Cairo, Egypt

How many outfits can I rent? Do I need to pay anything?

Depending on the length of the photoshoot, you can choose a few different outfits to put on. This is an option whether you’re going to have your photos taken in the studio or at home.

This service is complimentary for my clients.

Do I need to clean the rental clothes?

Return the dress after the photoshoot. Don’t worry about cleaning it or anything. Renting a dress in Cairo, Egypt has never been easier.

What if my baby damages the rental outfit?

What happens if my baby damages or dirties the outfit in any way which makes cleaning or repairing not possible?

Life happens. Don’t worry about that. At least it would mean your little one had fun during the photoshoot!

Dresses for rent in Cairo. Rent a dress in Cairo, Egypt

You’re always welcome to buy or rent your outfits elsewhere or wear something which you had in your wardrobe already.

Whatever you come up with, I’m always happy if it makes you feel beautiful, confident and makes you look forward to your photoshoot day. My goal is to make your photoshoot a super pleasant and relaxed experience. Renting a dress in Cairo, Egypt might be a part of that experience for some, but it’s totally up to you.

I’m always here if you need any help with the outfit choice, color combinations or if you have any other questions regarding preparing for your photoshoot.

Dress for Rent in Cairo, Egypt.

*Note: The dress rental service is available for my clients only and is free of charge.

Dress for rent in Cairo, Egypt. Maternity dresses for rent in Cairo

Rent a dress for a photoshoot in Cairo, Egypt. Dresses for rent in Cairo.

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