Choosing the perfect venue for your wedding day can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. After all, this is the most important day of your life and you need to have somewhere ideal for your friends and family to gather and celebrate with you.

It is no secret that every girl has a certain vision when it comes to their special day, having dreamt up everything from the perfect wedding dress to the food to the ultimate dream venue.

As important as it is, finding the perfect place to have your wedding is not the easiest thing in the world. There are so many options to choose from. Outdoors, indoors, tent, an elegant ballroom, a cozy restaurant. You name it.

A famous honeymoon destination, Cairo is not only great for you and your partner’s first nights together as a married couple but also, to host your marriage ceremony and reception.

Therefore, to all the brides and grooms out there looking to get a head-start on their wedding planning, here is a list of the top tips that will help ensure that your wedding day in the beautiful city of Cairo goes smoothly.

Wedding Venues in Cairo, Egypt

1. Think About Your Priorities and Select a Venue that Aligns with Your Vision

When choosing a wedding venue in Cairo, your number one priority should be to select a space that meshes with you and your partner’s vision. It is important to remember that ultimately, it is your big day and the venue’s style comes down to your personal preference.

Do you want an event surrounded by rustic décor? Do you want an outdoor wedding overlooking panoramic views? Do you want an elegant ballroom? Or maybe you are looking for a country club.

In the end, it is all about seeking out a venue that fits with the aesthetic you have in mind.

If you want a place with a modern touch, you can look at art galleries. Similarly, if you want a wedding in Cairo containing all the natural elements, go for outdoor wedding venues such as the Villa Belle Epoque for a more intimate setting with a select few people, or the Royal Club Muhammed-Aly if you have a more wide-ranging guest list.

Wedding Venues in Cairo, Egypt

2. Think About How Many People You are Inviting

Before booking your venue, you need to come up with an estimated guest count. While you don’t need to know the exact number of people you are going to invite, this number should definitely not be super flexible.

There is a very big difference between a venue that can hold 100 guests and one that can accommodate 1000.

When assembling your guest list, sit down with your partner and family. Together, come up with a number that averages out in a way that would avoid any major surprises on the wedding day.

The last thing you want is to fall in love with and choose a venue that has a capacity of 50 people whereas you end up having a 100-person guest list.

Another thing to note is that weddings are an intimate affair for many people. Conventionally, Egyptian weddings are often very elaborate and crowded, with a generous gathering of relatives.

However, if you are one of those people that would prefer a more personal wedding, there is nothing wrong with hosting a relatively smaller reception with your near and dear ones.

Wedding Venues in Cairo, Egypt

3. Reach Out to Venues with Your Questions

Before you sign the dotted line and book a venue, make sure all your questions are answered.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to your favorite wedding locations and wedding venues in Cairo, Egypt and express interest in making a few queries.

Some of the most common questions include inquires like the venue’s availability on your desired date, pricing information, and whether they have the capacity to accommodate your guest list.

In addition, you should also address any aspect that holds top priority for you and your partner.

This initial communication would also reveal how cooperative the venue’s staff is – something that is of great importance in special occasions like weddings.

4. Think About Your Budget

Your budget is largely going to dictate the size and type of wedding venue you choose.

The average wedding in Egypt costs between 500,000 to 650,000 Egyptian pounds. But whatever budget you are working with, your venue needs to fit within it.

As a general rule, avoid spending any more than 50% of your total budget on a venue. Take into account any extra costs that you would have to endure on top of the venue’s flat fee. Make a venue decision by adding up all the collective costs of decorating, lighting, theme, etc., instead of considering the price of the venue alone.

Boudoir Photographer Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE
Boudoir Photographer Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE

5. Check Out the On-site Accommodation Situation

Guests are an integral part of any wedding. Don’t forget about them and their convenience while you are busy crafting the perfect day for yourself with all the right details.

If you have guests coming from outside of Cairo, figure out where they will go before and after the wedding. You may want to consider a venue that is close to an affordable and reputable hotel. You should reserve a block of rooms in that hotel site for the weekend of your wedding.

In addition, you can also go for resorts or villas that come with the option of providing accommodations for wedding attendees. A great option for this in the city of Cairo is the C’est La Vie Villa. Not only will you have a stunning wedding with good-looking scenery surrounding you but a spacious villa that accommodates more than 100 people.

6. Weigh Your Pros and Cons

Finding your perfect wedding location can be a pretty amazing feeling. But it is best to take a step back and not hurry when it comes to signing the booking contract.

Instead, tour a few venues, take the opinion of your partner, friends, and family, and weigh the pros and cons of each venue against your needs and wants.

Remember that while your partner and you may not agree with every single aspect of your special day, you should both be happy with the final venue choice. And if that means touring a few more venues then so be it.

Wedding Venues in Cairo, Egypt

7. Book a Venue that Suits the Weather Conditions

Weather can be a big deciding factor, especially if you are having an outdoor wedding. You are essentially at the mercy of Mother Nature. But it doesn’t always have to be a disaster.

Before confirming a location, consider the month you are going to hold the wedding. Egypt is renowned for its hot weather where summers come with blisteringly high temperatures.

If your wedding date falls in the summer months, you should choose a venue with ample air conditioning to allow for maximum comfort of the guests.

On the other hand, the winters here are milder, making them the perfect time for outdoor events.

To be on the safe side, aim to choose a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor options simultaneously, such as the Plein Air private villa that houses a beautiful garden as the outdoor option along with a tent that can be used for hot days.

8. If Needed, Make Sure There is an Option for Drinks

Since Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country, alcohol is not a traditional option that comes as part of every wedding reception. Not all venues will offer it.

Therefore, if you want to get juiced to get a little loose, make sure that the hotel or venue of your choice can accommodate for that.

Many wedding venues in Cairo, such as the Mövenpick Hotel, provide alcohol with some allowing the hosts to bring their choice of imported alcohol if they desire.

Dubai wedding photographer, wedding photographer Abu Dhabi uae
Dubai wedding photographer, wedding photographer Abu Dhabi uae

9. Outdoor Venues Should be Well-Shaded

An indoor space simply can’t compete with the beauty and splendor of nature. So, it is understandable if you want an outdoor wedding event.

Plus, if you are someone who likes to keep things classy and simple, an outdoor celebration does not require you to spend hours and hours scrutinizing over every little decoration detail.

Oftentimes, it is also a much more budget-friendly option.

But one thing that does need to be taken into account in outdoor weddings is the weather.

While you won’t have to worry about getting soaked in rain in Cairo, precautions should be taken on account of the blazing sun that often seems to grace the city.

Ensure beforehand that the outdoor space is well-shaded so that guests feel comfortable and remain cool even if you are holding a day event. Fans should also be available to control the outdoor climate to avoid anyone attending from getting too hot and uncomfortable.

To play it safe, go for a venue that provides both indoors and outdoors options. An indoor spacing would also provide a backup plan in case of bad weather or any other emergencies.

Wedding Venues in Cairo, Egypt

10. Consider the Potential for Wedding Photos

Making memories of your big day with photographs is an essential part of any wedding ceremony. While choosing a venue, have a look at the lighting conditions of the space, whether artificial or natural.

An outdoor wedding is a photographer’s dream, thanks to all the natural lighting helping to create the most spectacular photos. But that does not mean your indoor wedding pictures cannot be magical.

Look for wedding venues in Cairo, Egypt that offer a charming aesthetic and good lighting for your wedding pictures. Places like Nut Boutique Farm Lodge offer the perfect blend of trendy yet clean architecture that provides the perfect backdrop while making sure that you are the center of attention.

Going for the more traditional touch, Mena House in Cairo comes a view of a lovely lake along with the pyramids, providing you with the perfect background for your wedding photos.

Dubai Photo studio

11. Go for an All-Inclusive Wedding Venue

Another great option if you are the kind of person who does not have the time or energy to research and plan for a wedding is to choose a wedding venue that is all-inclusive.

What that means is opting for a venue that provides full, or at least the majority, of the services from bringing in their own caterers and vendors to providing décor.

Many people turn away from such venues and choose to arrange everything themselves. However, a place that offers tables, chairs, and linens would cost more upfront than a place that does not offer these services.

Thus, get an estimate from a rental company first to see how the costs of renting things for yourself would measure in addition to the wedding hall’s price. After comparing prices, if you feel like you could benefit from an an-inclusive venue, go for it.

12. Talk to a Wedding Planner

Looking at spaces can be a great ask for anyone. Plus, if you are a busy person with not much time to plan and execute an entire wedding, it can all be too overwhelming.

In such cases, a better option is to seek professional help.

Wedding planners are much more familiar with the ins and outs of what goes on in a wedding. They are, oftentimes, great at taking a space and transforming it to your individual wishes.

If you feel as if your wedding vision is too hard to accomplish by yourself, hire a wedding planner and let them help you.

Wedding Venues in Cairo, Egypt

13. Make Sure it Feels Authentic to You and Your Partner

With the influx of Instagram weddings and Pinterest venue ideas, it can be easy to get carried away and choose a venue style based solely on what would look good in pictures.

However, the important thing to remember is to stay true to yourselves and choose a place that feels authentic to you and your significant other as a couple.

In other words, choose a design and space that is a representation of the personalities and interests you both hold. Because while an online venue picture may have caught your eye with its theme and design, it might not be the perfect canvas for you and the person you will spend the rest of your life with.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right venue would dictate a lot about your wedding day. Luckily, the charming city of Cairo has no shortage of venues that will serve your needs in the perfect way.

Whether it is whimsical, rustic, traditional, or a modern wedding that you want, Cairo has something for everyone.

In the end, the best course of action for you is to do your research and go with what fits your vision of a magical day.

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