The air of Paris carries the scent of flowers, garlic, coffee beans, and even the deep perfumy smell that comes from museums. It is a complex city, and its aromas have evolved through the ages. But if you want to experience the real Paris, it helps to know what you should be smelling for.
All it takes is a few whiffs to know that you’re in a place that’s like no other. Here we’re going to discuss the scents that make Paris one of the most unique cities on the entire planet. If you’ve never been to Paris, you’re going to wish your nose was there right now.

The first thing you’ll notice is the smell of the world-famous French perfume.
Aromatic floral scents, woody notes, and a light touch of spice add up to a clean and vibrant smell. There is no single thing that makes the smell of this perfume so amazing. It’s a complex blend of notes that combine to make this perfume an elegant, lighthearted, and romantic scent. You’ll get plenty of whiffs of it as you’re walking down the streets in Paris while people walk by you.

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The scent of cheese is always bustling out from the fromagerie.
This scent is probably one of the most classic scents in Paris. It’s there in every corner, in every bakery, and in every diner. It smells like fresh bread, cheesy crackers, and warm butter. The cheese is always freshly made, and in a country where food is so essential to their culture, you’ll experience this aroma everywhere in Paris.

The smell of French bread is another scent that’s known worldwide.
A French baguette is a beautiful thing indeed. It’s a perfect cylindrical shape, spongy texture, and the crunch of it when you bite into it. This is one of the most famous things about Paris, and the bread you find there is second to none. The smell of their bread will make you want to run over to the fromagerie to get some cheese to eat it with. There is no better advertisement for food than the scent of bread baking to make you want to run into a business.

The smell of the gardens in Paris is invigorating and fresh.
This is one of those smells that you can only experience in Paris, but it’s one of the most pleasant scents to be smelled. The smell of the gardens and the smell of nature and plants are an intoxicating scent and will make you feel wonderful. It’s a wonderful way to get away from the noise of the city and experience the beauty of Paris.

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Yes, there’s plenty of cigarette smoke filling the air.
You can’t be in Paris without noticing how much people smoke there. This is one of the most famous aspects of France and they just don’t care. There are plenty of cigarettes being smoked in this city, and it’s not a bad thing. It’s a part of their culture, and smoking is a way to relax after a long day. The smell of smoke may not be as pleasant as the smell of fresh flowers, but it’s a part of the experience you won’t want to miss.

The scent of chestnuts roasting makes you feel like autumn has finally arrived.
There’s nothing quite like the smell of roasting chestnuts to make you feel that fall has really arrived. It’s a classic scent for the colder months in Paris, and it’s all about the chestnuts. This is one of those classic French smells that you need to experience in person. It’s something that you can’t get anywhere else.

The air is filled with the scent of coffee that awakens the senses.
There’s nothing quite like the smell of coffee to make you feel awake and ready to be productive. It’s a classic scent that is very strong in French culture. The smell of coffee beans and freshly brewed coffee will fill your nose as you’re going about your day. It’s a scent that will wake you up and get you ready for the day ahead.

The most famous smell in Paris is the smell of garlic.
It’s hardly surprising that garlic is one of the most famous scents in Paris. It’s probably the most famous smell in all of France. Freshly cooked garlic is often used as a garnish for food served in restaurants, and it’s commonly used in French cuisine. It’s a strong smell that fills the air, and there’s no escaping it.

The smell of the River Seine cannot be missed.
The scent of this river is almost magical. If you want to experience a real sense of Paris, you’ll need to smell the Seine river. The scent of the river is a combination of the fresh water and the musk of the land. It has an incredible scent that you won’t regret smelling.

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You can’t escape the smell of fresh oysters when you’re walking near the markets.
This may not be a classic French smell, but it’s still very common in Paris. You’re more than likely to come across the smell of fresh oysters when you’re walking around the market, and the aroma of them freshly opened will fill your nose. This is a good and bad thing because you may not like the smell of oysters, but you’ll definitely notice it.

The Metro in Paris has a scent all of its own.
The Metro of Paris is known for being one of the best in the world, and it’s not just because of how famous it is. The thing that makes Paris’ Metro so special is the unique scent you can only find while you’re there. The smell of the Metro is very strong, and it’s to be expected.
What does The Metro smell like? Well, it smells like people. French people, to be exact. It’s a very unique smell that you’ll never find anywhere else, and it’s hard to explain. The Metro is chock-full of French people riding the train to get to work or just visiting the city. It’s like you threw together every scent in Paris and pressed a button to make it all come out.

The way the churches smell tell you that they’re very old.
An old church has a smell to it that can only be described as musky and filled with old burnt incense. The scent of churches is powerful, and it can be recognized easily. The smell comes from the old incense, but it’s also about the thousands of people that have walked through the church in the past. You can close your eyes and know you’re in a church by just the way it smells.

Parisians love crepes, and you can tell that by how much you smell them.
You don’t need anyone to tell you how much they love crepes in Paris; you’ll know by smelling them cook. It seems everywhere you turn, the smell of crepes cooking fills the air. You can smell the crepes while you’re walking around the city, and you’ll probably see them being made on many restaurant’s tables. The smell is one of the best things about Paris, and it means that everyone in Paris loves crepes.

The rain has a unique smell in Paris.
When it rains in Paris, it’s a very distinct scent that you’ll remember. The rain is known to have a very strong smell of wet wood. The rain smells like it may have just fallen from a tree or that the water came out differently from it usually does. Parisians often describe the smell as having “turned the air inside out.” It’s very unique, and it’s hard to describe.

The morning and evening both have a unique scent to them.
The morning smells fresh, while the evening smells a little on the heavy side. The morning has a sweet smell to it that makes you feel like it must have just rained or something. The evenings have an aroma that is a little heavier, but it still has the same sweet scent to it. At night Parisians often choose to go out with a glass of wine and take in the warm weather in the city. The evening is often when they do this, and it makes for a delightful experience.

Romance is always in the air in Paris.
The smell is great in the city of romance. You’ll always be able to tell when it’s a romantic time of day in Paris; the air smells like romance! The sweet scent fills your nose and makes you want to feel the warm weather on your skin as you walk around. You won’t be disappointed by the romantic atmosphere in the city, but you can always take it up a notch and enjoy the scent that fills your nose.

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Paris is a city that you should definitely experience with your nose.
It doesn’t matter what kind of scent you’re looking to find; you’ll be able to enjoy the city with your nose. No matter where you are in Paris, you’ll be able to enjoy the sweet smell that floats through the air. While it might be a strange concept, it’s a beautiful feeling to walk around with your nose taking in the city.

The city of love is all about making memories and enjoying the scents that float through the air. So where are you going to enjoy the smells of Paris? Hopefully, you take your nose on vacation to Paris sooner rather than later.

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