Cairo is a city with a history as old as civilization itself. It is where the first Pharaohs are buried, and it has given birth to empires and dynasties that have controlled large swathes of land – from North Africa to the Levant. Cairo’s history is so rich that museums dedicate entire floors to their artifacts. This historic and scenic beauty also means Cairo is the perfect background for fine art photography.

Studios like Alona Koenig Fine Art Photography specialize in capturing the history, mystery, and allure of the City of the Pharaohs through wedding photography, maternity photoshoots, and boudoir photos.

Fine Art Photography in Cairo, Egypt

Here are some reasons why Cairo is the perfect place for fine art photography.

The Variety of Scenery

Cairo is a photojournalist and fashion photographer’s dream. Some landmarks and monuments can double as architecture photography backgrounds, and there are insides of mosques and tombs perfect for photojournalism work. Transport yourself back in time with the Pyramids at Giza or walk through galleries filled with artifacts from the Old and New Kingdom, Middle Ages, and Mamluk Sultanate. The contrast between old and new will make your photos pop, especially if you add interesting people to them.

People Watching

They say that photography means that you’re not only photographing what’s before your eyes; you’re photographing people, places, nature, and your feelings. Cairo is a city where you can easily find subjects to take photos of while practicing fine art photography. People here are artistic in their own way, so if you want to practice shooting people photography, the local scene is the place to be. If you’re taking maternity photoshoots or boudoir photos, you’ll find women and men of all ages and sizes. In addition, Cairo is a melting pot of cultures and religions bound together by the Nile River.

Fine Art Photography in Cairo, Egypt

Fantastic Photography Backgrounds

If you’re just starting out with landscape photography or architecture photography, this diverse city can serve as your perfect background for fine art photography. The cityscape is a perfect backdrop for architectural photography, and you can just walk across the street to be in front of one of Cairo’s many magnificent mosques. If you’re bored with looking at the cityscape, you can take your photos at the Giza Pyramids, Saqqara, or Dahshur. You can even set up your lights during twilight hours and take night photography.

Cairo’s Photogenic People

If you’re a beginner in street, fashion, or portrait photography, this city is the perfect place to start. The local community has welcomed photographers from all over the world with open arms and has been very cooperative when being photographed. In addition to that, many events take place all year round, from the Cairo Jazz Festival to the Cairo International Film Festival. As a result, photographers have countless opportunities to practice their art whether they’re visiting Cairo or looking for fine art photography backgrounds in Egypt.

Fine Art Photography in Cairo, Egypt

Final Thoughts on Why Cairo is the Perfect Background for Fine Art Photography

Cairo has been a destination for tourists and photographers alike. However, even though it is one of Africa’s most popular travel destinations, not many people know its story. This city’s history is strongly tied to humanity itself, making it a fantastic location for fine art photography.

In short, Cairo is a photographer’s paradise. Aspiring artists can find photographic inspiration around every corner of this historic city.

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