Photography is a beautiful artform that both captures the present moment and preserves it for the future. With a photography session from a professional, you will see how wonderful it is to have the beauty of the present captured to remember forever. Although everyone can agree that there is nothing quite like photography, some may disagree on the best ways to capture photos.

Film photography, as you might guess by the name, takes the pictures that have been captured and stores them on a reel of film to be developed separately later. It is the most traditional method of photography, and stands in opposition to digital. Digital photography stores pictures on a flash or memory drive, where they can be directly uploaded to a computer.

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Both aspects have their merits, but people often overlook the classic technique of film photography in favour of the ease of digital. Real professionals like Alona Koenig, a professional photographer operating out of Cairo, Egypt, know that digital photography may get results faster…but film photography produces photos you will treasure forever.

Film photography in Cairo, Egypt. Alona Koenig Photography

Film Photography Cannot Be Replicated

It may seem old-fashioned, but the look of a film photograph is iconic. The grain of the photo and muted coloring produce breathtaking results that simply can’t be captured with digital photography. This is the direct result of the development process, which requires more skill and time than any other.

Many people find it difficult to work with film photography, which proves how important it is to keep the beautiful film photos you have! And this difficulty connects directly to how much you can treasure the photo – it may be a more difficult process to get your stunning end product, but that just makes it even more rewarding.

Film photography in Cairo, Egypt. Alona Koenig Photography

It is common to find that film photographs simply look better than their digital counterparts. This has many reasons, such as how film photography has more lumiance and subtle colors that are appealing to the eye. So, when you are thinking about having a photoshoot for an important event, consider requesting film photography. It may be more work, but professionals like Alona know that the end results will be breathtaking.

Film photography in Cairo, Egypt. Alona Koenig Photography

Digital is Always Handy, But Film is Forever

This is not to say that digital photography cannot be beautiful! Alona herself has several digital cameras for her professional shoots and loves the resulting photos. No matter the method, working with a professional photographer will produce stunning end results. But in the end, the timeless look of film photography cannot be beat.

When you are looking to capture a moment you’ll remember forever, using film photography can easily convey that timeless and artistic feeling. Important events like weddings, engagements, and welcoming a child into the world are all examples of photos you will keep forever. You would love these photos no matter what, but using film photography to capture them can emphasize that forever love.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to Alona to discuss your film photography photoshoot today.

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Film photography in Cairo, Egypt. Alona Koenig Photography

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