Investing in professionally-done newborn photos can be one of the best decisions you make about capturing those first few days of your baby’s life. But as anyone who’s had a baby before knows, it can be challenging to actually make them happen.

As you’re caught up in the newness of your new bundle of joy and adjusting to home life together, it’s hard to find time to schedule a shoot, let alone pack your newborn baby and the rest of the family up and get everyone to a location for photos.

However, if you wait too long, you’ll miss out on the chance to capture those precious first few weeks and document how quickly your new addition changes and grows.

The solution many new parents are looking for is to hire a lifestyle newborn photographer to capture these unforgettable moments right from their own homes. An in-home lifestyle photographer removes the stress from this type of photo shoot by moving it to the exact place where you and your baby are the most comfortable.

If you’ve considered using an in-home newborn/baby photographer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE, keep reading to learn more about this unique type of photo shoot.

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Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

What Is Lifestyle Photography?
I talk to many potential clients about in-home lifestyle photography in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE, and the question most of them ask me is to explain what is meant by an in-home baby photographer. I’m always happy to explain how this type of photography differs from the traditional type of newborn photos.

Lifestyle photography focuses more on capturing the “real” moments of life with your newborn. The images captured in this way provide an exceptionally aesthetically pleasing “documentary” of your baby’s first days.

A lifestyle photographer doesn’t spend their time overly fixing poses, straightening clothes and hair, or arranging props. Instead, they capture the raw moments as they happen, creating memories that families will cherish forever.

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Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

Think about your wedding day photos. Likely, your posed photos are memorable and special to your heart, but what pictures actually capture the whole emotion of the day? What photos pull your heartstrings and bring you back to what you felt at that moment?

For many people, it’s the candid captured moments that they like the best. Perhaps a shot of a stolen kiss in the corner or your flower girl hugging tiredly onto her father’s leg. Those are the moments that bring you back.

Now, think about newborn photography. Of course, any parent appreciates the perfect poses and beaming smiles. But what about memories of your everyday routine? A sweet snuggle after feeding, or a baby yawn after just waking from a nap?

Just as with wedding photos, chances are these “unposed” moments will be the ones that evoke the most emotion when you look back on them. You’ll feel like you’re looking through a carefully curated magazine spread—something that tells a remarkable story. The resulting images are timeless and something your family will cherish for generations to come.

That’s where a lifestyle photographer comes in and what lifestyle photography is all about.

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Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

What Can I Expect From My In-Home Newborn Photography Session?

I’ve been a newborn photographer in Abu Dhabi for a while now, and my clients who inquire about this type of photography often ask me what they can expect. Luckily, having this type of photography experience feels more like a luxury than a chore. Here’s what you can expect to happen during your session.

You Don’t Need To Do Anything Special To Prepare For Your Shoot

That’s right. You won’t need special outfits, hairstyles, makeup, props, lighting, or anything out of your regular everyday routine. My goal is authenticity. To achieve that goal, I help you, your newborn, and the rest of your family members look as relaxed and natural as possible.

When you’re not stressed out about everything being perfect for the photo shoot, it shows in the tone of the pictures. Everyone looks happier, less posed, and truly themselves. The smiles are sincere, and the emotion is natural and untouched.

You Can Still State Your Preferences And Overall Goals

As your photographer, I’m here to listen. Since you’re inviting me into your home and personal space, it’s essential that you feel as comfortable with that as possible. Maybe there are certain parts of your house or your day that you don’t want to be captured. Let me know.

Most newborn lifestyle photography is captured in the places of the house where you spend the most time with your baby—your bedroom, the nursery, the living room. However, wherever you feel the most comfortable is the best place for the photos.

If you’re struggling with what to wear, I can also help with that. Although, as I mentioned, the beauty of this type of shoot is that it doesn’t require any particular type of fancy clothing. But suppose you’re looking for a little something extra for the day. In that case, you can consider an option from our carefully curated client wardrobe, which has beautiful selections suitable for a newborn photography session.

The goal is to create fine art photography that you’ll love for years and an experience you’ll never forget.

Lifestyle in home newborn photographer Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

Everyone Will Feel Comfortable

The only way in-home lifestyle photography really works well is when everyone feels comfortable. Getting used to having a photographer in your home can be challenging, especially with a newborn.

To ensure everyone, including the baby, remains as comfortable as possible for the entire session, your routine will be disrupted as little as possible. I’ll guide you naturally through the shots, and instead of directing specific poses, focus more on directing the action to get the best photos.

Instead of saying something like “put your hand on your baby’s cheek,” it may instead be a direction like, “snuggle with your baby” or “sing them a lullaby.”

Lifestyle in home newborn photographer Abu Dhabi, Dubai, UAE
Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

What Is The Best Age For A Newborn Lifestyle Photo Session?

From the moment they’re born, newborns change so quickly, especially in those first few weeks of life. If you’re looking for a lifestyle photography session to document your newborn, it’s best to schedule it within the first month after birth.

However, there aren’t any rules, and since the images are not posed, this type of photography works with all different ages of babies and children. So if you’ve missed the opportunity to capture your little one at the newborn stage, don’t worry. You can capture incredible photography with your baby at any age.

What Are The Benefits Of An In-Home Session Over A Studio Session

Some people looking for a lifestyle newborn photographer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE, really want to take the experience into the studio instead of their own homes. That’s great too. If a client truly feels that the studio experience will provide better photos, I always keep that as an available option for this type of shoot.

Regardless of whether you take your newborn photos in-home or at the studio, the goal remains the same—to capture artistic and beautiful images that stand the test of time. Both options give you a luxurious experience that feels like a pampering session.

However, I think some benefits exist with capturing this session in your home that you can’t fully achieve in the studio.

Your Newborn Will Feel More Relaxed

As previously mentioned, an in-home session makes you feel more comfortable and relaxed. Your baby will feel this way as well. Newborns tend to feel stressed when there’s an interruption in their routine, or you need to pack them up and take them somewhere for a photo shoot. By having the photographer visit your home for the session, your newborn will remain in their element, and your pictures will reflect this calm environment. 

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Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

It Doesn’t Take As Long As A Studio Session

When you choose an in-home session, you eliminate the need to pack up your baby and your family, drive to the studio, participate in the session, and return back home after the session.

Having the photographer come directly to you cuts down on this extra time and allows you to simply focus on enjoying your baby and capturing special moments together. In a busy city like Abu Dhabi or Dubai, having a baby photographer come to your home only provides an added benefit to taking beautiful photos.

It’s Easy And Effortless

Participating in an in-home session with a lifestyle newborn photographer allows you to enjoy the entire process from start to finish. As your professional photographer, I’ll guide you through each step of the process while making myself as unobtrusive as possible. Think of me as someone in the background. I work at capturing the little details that you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed and helping everyone look and feel as beautiful as possible while doing it.

Many of my clients say they couldn’t believe that newborn photography could be so easy.

Final Thoughts On A Lifestyle Photography Session

Good photography should capture moments that tear at your heartstrings and evoke emotions, and fine art lifestyle photography does just that. A photograph is just a photograph, but when a photograph can capture a real moment in time and freeze it forever, that’s when it becomes a piece of art.

My clients who have an in-home newborn photo session often come back year after year for additional sessions to capture milestone moments and their growing family. All these memories create a family story that continues to bring joy.

If you’re ready to invest in lifestyle newborn photography in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE, I’d love to speak with you to show you how I can help capture these magical moments in an unforgettable and unique way.

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Lifestyle Newborn Photographer in Abu Dhabi and Dubai, UAE

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