Do you need a gorgeous dress for rent in Cairo? Alona Koenig is a fine art photographer specializing in wedding photography, boudoir photography, and maternity photography in Cairo. Alona also has a stunning collection of dresses at her photo studio and provides this service free of charge to her photoshoot clientele. 

Choosing the Right Dress 

Choosing the right dress can be a challenge, especially when you have other things on your mind (like planning a wedding). It’s important that the dress makes you feel beautiful and confident in your own skin. At Alona Koenig Fine Art Photography, we have a selection of dresses to fit every style. From elegant gowns for weddings or formal functions to a beautiful, floor-length gown to complement your boudoir photos, to maternity and baby outfits for your maternity shoot, we have it all.

Our goal is to make your photoshoot as easy and stress-free as possible while ensuring that you look beautiful and timeless in your photos. We want our clients to get excited about their photoshoot and look forward to it instead of worrying about finding the right outfit. We understand that these dresses can be stressful on your budget, especially given that they will likely be one-time use only for the photoshoot. That’s why we offer this dress rental service free of charge to our clients. No stress, no fuss.

The right dress is important for a beautiful photo session, and we want you to enjoy your photoshoot without the stress and worry that goes into finding the right dress to wear.

Some Examples of Our Dresses

Here are some examples of our dresses from various types of photoshoots we’ve done.

Wedding Photoshoots

Weddings are always a stressful time. That’s why I love helping brides-to-be find the perfect outfit for their wedding photoshoots. These are some of my favorite examples of gowns we have at our studio which would be perfect for a pre wedding photoshoot:

Dress for rent in Cairo
Dress for rent in Cairo
Dress for rent in Cairo

Boudoir Photoshoots

Every man loves to see his woman looking beautiful and confident in front of the camera. Here are a few of my favorite boudoir photos from our collection; I love how sensual and gorgeous every woman is in front of the camera.

Dubai wedding photographer, wedding photographer Abu Dhabi uae
Dubai wedding photographer, wedding photographer Abu Dhabi uae
Dress for rent in Cairo, Egypt

Maternity Photoshoots

It goes without saying that maternity photoshoots are one of my favorite kinds of sessions to do. I love the beauty, strength, and creativity that comes into play when taking photos for an expectant or new mother. Here are some of my favorites:

Dress for rent in Cairo
Dress for rent in Cairo
Dress for rent in Cairo
Dress for rent in Cairo

What About the Cost?

Our dress rentals are complimentary for my photo session clients.

I know that these dresses can be expensive, and that’s why I want to make this service available to my clients without having the additional stress of searching for the right one or worry of spending more money on a dress they’ll likely only wear once. When it comes to your photo session, I want to help you look effortlessly beautiful.

What About Cleaning?

All of our dresses are professionally cleaned after each session. Once the session is done, you simply leave the dress with us. I want to make finding a dress for rent in Cairo as easy as possible for you.

If this sounds like the perfect dress rental solution for you, then get in touch with me today.  I would love to help you find your dream outfit, whether it be for your wedding, boudoir session, maternity shoot, or even your baby’s newborn photos.

Note: This dress rental service is for my clients only and is free of charge for their photo sessions.

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