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Photographer in Cairo. When you start thinking about it, it’s unbelievable how many emotions Egypt can give you. Professional photographers in Egypt, Cairo can help capturing those moments and keep them in your memory forever. They’re able to reflect the majesty of the Great Pyramids, the endless beauty of the sea, the incredible depth of Egypt’s culture. And, most importantly, while it all can be a bit overwhelming- they can help you feel like home in this beautiful country.

Majesty of ancient Egypt, Sphinx
Majesty of ancient Egypt


Photographer in Cairo

Photographer in Cairo can help you with choosing the perfect location, which would match your wishes and ideas. What have you been dreaming of? Was it a beach photoshoot? Or maybe the one in front of the historical monuments? Everything is possible, but, in my opinion, we all deserve something more than that. We all deserve a professional service. The best photographer in Cairo, Egypt would help you to understand what you really want and need, would help you to choose a place which would match your personality perfectly, would catch your emotions during the photoshoot, would make you forget that you’re actually in front of a camera- and that’s what I’m aiming to do for my clients.

Photographer in Cairo
Photographer in Cairo


In addition to all that, photographer in Cairo would also become your guide in this city. He is familiar with the most beautiful places of it, with it’s hidden gems, with the streets you’ve never heard of. Egypt is a country with the history, which can fascinate anyone. The charm of it’s culture, the beauty of it’s traditions, the unbelievable variety of it’s architecture- it all together creates a completely different world. And I propose you to dive into this world, to discover it, to enjoy it- and to bring back the photos you’ll cherish forever.

I am always willing to hear your wishes- but I’m also willing to suggest you what I think would fit you the best. We are all so different, and we all need different things. Some of us would like the history of Egypt to shine through the photographs. Some of us would want their family story to be told- but to let the streets of Egypt hug, embrace that story… I will be there with you for as long as needed to tell those stories in the way you were dreaming of.


So tell me, what story would you like to tell in Egypt? Will it be a story of your friendship? A story of your love, your engagement, of your wedding? A story of your kids?



Good photographer will listen to you. The best photographer will also listen to Egypt. He will make this country become a part of your photographs, he will make you become a part of Egypt. He will make you fall in love with this country. You will fall in love with yourself on the pictures. Believe me, a piece of your heart will remain here- and, who knows, maybe in a year I will see you here again?

Professional photographer will make you fall in love with this country
Professional photographer will make you fall in love with this country


Photographer in Cairo

Photographer in Cairo


Cairo is a beautiful city able to provide you any location you dream of for your photos. I know, figuring out yourself where to go can be overwhelming. Don’t worry. Photographer in Cairo will be there for you, whatever the ideas you have. Just share them with me, and I will help you to make them come into reality.

Let me help you fall in love with this beautiful city, with this country. To help you to understand it better, to feel its charm, to discover everything it has to propose you. Let me be your photographer in Cairo- because you wouldn’t like to forget any moment of this journey, would you?

Let me guide you through this experience step by step. This is how it is going to look like:

  • Think about what kind of photoshoot you would like to get. Would you like to be alone in photos? Would those be your family pictures? Or maybe we’re talking about a wedding?
  • Get in touch with me. Please let me know your preferred date and time first, then tell me about your vision of the photos. Don’t forget to ask me any questions you have!
  • After having checked my availability, I will help you to choose the perfect location, the perfect outfit and the time of the day. Timing is so important, as it’s the perfect light which makes the perfect photo!
  • A couple of days before the photoshoot I’ll contact you to confirm everything one more time.
  • After the photoshoot, depending on its type and the amount of photos, it would take me up to two to three weeks to edit your photos. I will contact you once they’re ready.
  • Photos can be delivered in person or as an online gallery. Choose what’s more convenient for you!


Can’t wait to meet you. Join me here in Cairo- because this is the city where a piece of your heart will remain. Believe me.


It was my pleasure having you here. Thank you for your interest to my works and I hope to meet you soon!

Alona Koenig


If you’re planning your trip here, it might be useful to know the monthly average temperatures in Cairo, Egypt

Monthaverage max temperatureaverage min temperature
January19 °C10 °C
February20 °C11 °C
March23 °C13 °C
April28 °C15 °C
May32 °C19 °C
June34 °C22 °C
July35 °C23 °C
August35 °C24 °C
September33 °C22 °C
October30 °C19 °C
November25 °C15 °C
December20 °C11 °C


Find more information on that and my suggestions on what to wear while in Cairo here!

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