Photographers often get asked about the different sessions that they can be booked for. One common question that crops up by people planning professional photos who are not sure where to start is, “What is a mini session and how is it any different from a regular full session?”
Since most people look for photography slots as a way to preserve special memories with their loved ones, knowing which type of session to choose can help go a long way in helping them make the right decision for themselves and the people close to them.
In this post, we’ll talk about photography mini sessions and how they can be the perfect choice for you and your near and dear ones.

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Photography Mini Sessions

What is a Mini Session?

A mini session is a compressed version of a full photoshoot that typically lasts around 15 to 20 minutes. In contrast to regular photoshoots, they are lower in price and are shot in a smaller time slot.

The primary purpose of a mini session is for us photographers to provide you, the customers, with a taste of what we do.

Usually including about 5 to 10 completely post-produced, high-resolution digital files, mini sessions come with the possibility of an upgrade to the full gallery in case you love the final pictures and want to go all in with a photographer.

Unlike full photoshoots, a mini session does not require detailed prior planning with each client having their own custom shooting plan. Photographers usually solidify a location – whether indoors or outdoors – and every session adheres to that plan without any change.

Photography Mini Sessions. Photography Minis
Photography Mini Sessions. Photography Minis

For instance, my photography mini sessions take place in a private, calm, and cozy photography studio and are offered on specific dates only. While minis can take place both in a studio or the great outdoors, I believe a styled set brings more character and attention to the photos. I am able to use my own props and setup to bring out the perfect serenity that family photos should entail.

My setups are also designed with simplicity in mind so that we can capture the tenderness of whatever occasion it may be – whether it’s your engagement photoshoot, a maternity or boudoir shoot, or just a family holiday photo session.

The date is also pretty significant in a mini session. This is because each session is supposed to revolve around a theme or event. Therefore, the dates are chosen around those times.

An important thing of note here is that the smaller price tag and time duration does not take away from the magic a mini session is able to produce. Each mini is carefully planned to provide unique backdrops and props to showcase your family’s special moments and create lasting memories that can be framed to last a lifetime.

Photography mini sessions
Photography Mini Sessions. Designed With Simplicity in Mind

Why a Mini Session Could Be the Perfect Choice for You

1. Mini Sessions are Great for a Trial Run

Hiring the professional photographer can often be a big investment. So, choosing a photographer that would be the perfect fit for your needs is imperative.
But looking for a person who will connect with you and your family and capture you in the way and style that you want to be remembered is a challenge.

For this reason, mini sessions can be a great way to try a photographer and see if you click with them before booking them for a full photoshoot.

A short 15 to 20 minutes session is the perfect amount of time for you to try out a new photographer. You can see what they have to offer and whether they can help your family’s love shine through the pictures they take.

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Boudoir Mini Sessions

2. They are Excellent for Seasonal Shoots

One of the best things about a mini photo session is that photographers offer seasonal themes, such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, First Day of School, Christmas, and much more.

Therefore, booking photography mini sessions is a great opportunity to capture something a little different as you can set up excellent seasonal shoots. As mentioned above, the theme can be anything from an autumnal shoot with the crisp, changing leaves or a Christmas session with fairy lights and all the sparks and joy of the moment.

Whatever the theme or event may be, seasonal mini shoots present an opportunity for families to get some cute pictures with something a bit distinctive. Simply put, the possibilities with mini sessions are endless.

Photography mini sessions
Maternity Mini Sessions

3. You Can Take Beautiful Pictures Even on a Tighter Budget

We all want – and deserve – professional photos to freeze our cherished moments in time. But full photoshoots come with a hefty price tag. This is where mini sessions can play an important role.

If you are on a tighter budget, a mini session could be the perfect choice for you. This is especially good if your favorite photographer is out of your price range. A mini session would be a great way to get photos from him or her without making a substantial investment.

Mini sessions are less expensive to book than a full custom photoshoot. This is particularly beneficial if you are only looking for a few pictures to commemorate a milestone or fulfill a particular need, such as capturing a great shot for your holiday card or updating a few frames around the house.

The most common times for photography mini sessions are usually the holidays or the Christmas season. This is to satisfy the need for holiday pictures for families who live far away from their beloved ones. They are able to take beautiful pictures on special occasions at an affordable rate to send out to family and friends.

Another common event is back-to-school sessions occurring mostly during the fall.
You may think the difference between a 15-minute and a 20-minute photography session is not massive but with mini sessions, every minute counts.

Motherhood minis. Motherhood mini photo sessions
Motherhood Mini Sessions

4. They are Short and Sweet

Mini sessions are exactly that: MINI!
Sometimes they last 10 minutes and sometimes it’s 20 – depending on you and the photographer. In truth, it’s a quick shoot to capture moments with your loved ones.

These shoots also great if you have a loved one who hates taking photos. Think: most husbands!
Since minis are short sessions, you will only need a short while of “cheeses”, smiles, and hugs to complete the session and end up with magical photographs.

5. Mini Sessions are Perfect for the Little Ones

If you’ve ever tried to keep a baby or toddler’s attention on one activity for more than a few minutes, you know what an insurmountable task that can be. At some point, it doesn’t matter what stops you and your photographer pull, the little ones are going to lose patience and interest before the time is up.

Not only that, but sometimes they are just dog tired, and smiling for the camera isn’t necessarily something that they are super enthusiastic about.

This is why a mini session is an optimal choice for couples with little children. The photographer is able to capture the fun and candid moments of the young ones while keeping them entertained since the session doesn’t last too long like a full-fledged photoshoot.

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Photography Mini Sessions. Beautiful Pictures on a Tighter Budget

6. You Don’t Have to Stress Over the Details

Once a full session is booked, you will get a lot of personalized attention from your photographer. This is great but it also means that you have to dive deep into the details of every little thing involved in the photoshoot.

In a regular photo session, your photographer will help you pick the best location, date, and time. You even have to go over what to wear. Which is great!
Sometimes, though, you just don’t have the time to stay on top of all these decisions.
Photography mini sessions are often scheduled back-to-back. The photographer picks the time, date, and location. All you really have to do is show up.

Your photographer may offer helpful tips on what to wear. In the end, however, the effort on your part is minimal while the professional is busy capturing the precious moments.

7. There is No Compromise on the Quality

A short photo session does not skimp on quality.
When you book a mini session with me, you will get access to the same photographer as you would with a full session with the same great quality of photos. Even with a mini session, nothing is held back as each picture I take is carefully chosen and then hand-edited by me.

As professionals, we understand how to work quickly to get quality shots that capture and define the perfect moment for you. Mini sessions are designed to provide you with that little taste of your favorite photographer’s client experience. If a photographer does their job right, you would never go to someone else for your minis ever again.

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Photography Mini Sessions. Holiday Minis

8. Less is More in a Mini Session

At a typical full photo session, you may get 50 or so fully edited digital images. While that’s wonderful, sometimes you just don’t need that many pictures at once.

If, for instance, you are conducting your newborn’s photoshoot, a mini session will get you around 10-15 absolutely gorgeous pictures of your baby that will be plenty to put in a photo frame and even use for other purposes, such as creating a baby memory book.

These photos will be fully edited according to the theme and color chosen and you won’t be left with dozens of extra images that you may never use.

9. The Processing Time is Reduced

Since I am not editing hundreds of photos for a full session, the processing turnaround time for my photography mini sessions is much shorter than it typically would be.
This is also great for the client since they won’t have to wait a few weeks or months to receive their photos – especially if they are on a time crunch.
With a mini session, you can expect to receive the pictures in as little as a week or two.

10. The Commitment is Low

Generally, with a regular photography session, you have to think about the day, time, and even the hours to get the whole family ready. This is especially hard if you have young children for whom you need to get snacks, beverages, and other fixings just to get them through the long event of a full photoshoot.

This is something you won’t have to worry about with a mini.
Getting professional photos done is a commitment in itself. If you want that commitment to be low while still keeping on track with creating memorable pictures, it cannot get any better than a mini session.

Photography minis
Motherhood Mini Photo Sessions

To Wrap It All Up

Photography mini sessions are a great way to cultivate beautiful stills that stay memorable through time as you and your loved ones grow old together. These sessions are shorter, cheaper, faster, and easier – helping you and your photographer go back year after year to capture all your important moments.

If you think a full session is not in your budget, a mini session can go a long way in helping you fulfill your goal of having that perfect picture of you or your family framed on your living room wall.

Not only that, but it also allows you to try out a photographer. Chances are, you will find a professional that you’ll keep coming back to every year for your photos.

As photographers, it also gives us an opportunity to meet new people and new families and spend time connecting with the loving energy that they bring to each photo session. Each time we do a repeat session, it’s kind of like hanging out with old friends.

If you’re looking for photography mini sessions filled with light, tenderness and love, don’t hesitate to contact me at Follow me on Instagram or Facebook to get the updates on the mini sessions schedule. I can’t wait to meet you!

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