The Great Pyramids of Ancient Egypt still resonate as a beacon of man’s ability to create. For almost 4,000 years they were the tallest structures in the world, only being eclipsed in 1300AD. The pyramids were built around 2560 BC for the Pharaoh Khufu and his family. These massive burial monuments were meant to convey the power and austerity of 4th Dynasty Egypt.

The best way to preserve the memories of your time in Egypt is with a personalized photoshoot at the Great Pyramids. Here are all the things you need to know!


Planning Your Shoot

The best time to visit Egypt is, simply put, not the summer. The weather can reach over 100°F during June, July, and August. The pyramids are located in the middle of the desert, with little to no shade available. When planning for your photoshoot, make sure to pack lots of sunscreen, water, and a hat.

Wear comfortable shoes for walking. If you’d like to bring fancier shoes for shooting in remember, the sand gets everywhere! As a pyramid photographer, I’ve taken almost the whole desert home in my shoes. The air of Cairo is always breezy, but on the pyramids site it can be downright windy. Plan a hairstyle that can stand up to a high breeze and the heat. While a soft wind can make you look like a magazine cover model, you might want to bring some extra hairspray in case the wind is more aggressive than playful.

When choosing your clothing, keep in mind that they do not allow matrimonial shoots. Couples are more than welcome, but don’t wear a long white gown that might be mistaken for a wedding dress. Choose comfortable clothing, that breathes. Cotton and linen are the best choices. Egyptian culture is fairly modest, but most people at the pyramids will be tourists.

The pyramids are open from 7.30am-4pm. I suggest to all my clients that the early bird gets the worm! At 7.30 there are few tourists, which means better opportunities for you to have a photo alone. The light is also amazing just after dawn; there is a reason that photographers call it ‘the magic hour’. Plan to get lots of rest the night before so it prepares you for your early morning.


Day of Photoshoot at the Pyramids

When you first arrive at the pyramids complex, you will need to purchase a ticket to enter. The prices vary, with Egyptians paying 20le and foreigners paying 160le (which is about $10.00 American dollars). There is a 10le additional fee to enter by car. You will need to exit your ride and be checked by the security guards when you purchase your ticket. You can even go inside the Great pyramid for an additional 150le fee, though the climb is rather exhausting. There is also a museum on the site for the Solar Boat, which is an additional 100le. I do not include these entrance fees in the photoshoot price.

We will then proceed into the pyramids area and begin our photoshoot. You do not need to be a professional model to shine! I will guide you to the best places and help with posing. I have been to the site many times, and as pyramids photographer I know the best spots for shooting. We will spend an hour and a half creating memories that will last a lifetime. Since earlier is better for a photoshoot at the pyramids, you will have plenty of time to do sightseeing afterwards. You could climb into the great pyramid for an additional fee, but you could also descend into one of the Queen’s pyramids for free. These monuments are to the left of the Great Pyramids. The climb is much more manageable, but it is still sweaty and laborious. Keep in mind that there are officially no photos allowed inside the pyramids. Tour guides cannot come down with you, but there will usually be a guard for your safety. Slip the guards a few pounds if they let you take photos, they may even offer to take them for you.

If you’re looking for something really special, it is easy to rent a camel or horse. You can either choose to ride the animal around the Pyramids, under direction from the owner, or you can just take a few photos. Simply head towards the left of the Great Pyramid, there are many owners and animals. Pick animals that are groomed, fed, watered, and look healthy. Respect the owners who respect their animals. You may be attracted to an owner because their prices are lower, but it is better to give your business to an owner who charges enough to take care of their animals properly. Anyone selling something at the pyramids will be willing to haggle and negotiate for the best price.

There are a number of areas that are amazing for photos. The main pyramid structure is asture, but there can be many tourists. The smaller pyramids are no less impressive, and there are a number of ruins of temples to both the right and the left of the main structure. There is also an area about a kilometer away to the west called the Panorama, which has an excellent view of all the pyramids and the desert landscape. You will also be able to view the Sphinx (which is to the left of the main area) but only from a distance as the structure is gated to prevent further damage. To see the Sphinx, you must first pass through the ruins of an amazing temple which also provides excellent photoshoot opportunities.


How to Book

If you’re interested in booking a photoshoot at the Great Pyramids, please get in touch via my contact page here and through You can find all the pricing information in our Investment section. You will receive up to 100 fully edited photos, which you are then free to print at your convenience or share on your social media. These photos will be perfect for posting, home display, or blogging. With a photoshoot at the pyramids, we can make memories together that will last a lifetime.

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