If you’re a new or expecting mother, you may be searching for the best maternity photographer in Cairo.

For some expecting mothers, the idea of having their picture taken while pregnant seems overwhelming, especially when comparing it to when they were younger and usually more carefree. However, you’ll find that experiencing the joy of seeing your baby growing inside you in a series of beautiful images you can cherish for a lifetime is something only maternity photography can offer.

Here are eight things you should know about maternity photographers in Cairo to help you make the best possible decision when it comes to choosing who you want capturing this precious time in photos forever.

Best maternity photographer Cairo Egypt

1. Ask around for recommendations

If you’re pregnant, chances are another expectant mother is living on your block or in your building. So when asking around about maternity photographers in Cairo, chances are she’ll perk up and offer a few suggestions. In addition, new and expectant mothers of friends and family can be a great resource for recommendations.

2. Read reviews on popular sites

There are several online resources where new and expecting mothers post reviews about maternity photographers in Cairo. In addition, you can read honest comments from local moms who have hired a maternity photographer to get a true sense of how they are to work with.

3. Look at their portfolios

All photographers have a style unique to them. So when looking at maternity photographers in Cairo, make sure their images reflect the kind of style you’re hoping to capture by paging through their portfolios. If you have a specific look in mind for your images, be sure to share that with your photographer so they can help bring it into reality on the big day.

Maternity photoshoot in Dubai
Maternity photoshoot in Dubai

4. Ask them about their approach to maternity photography

Since you’re hiring a maternity photographer in Cairo based on the quality of their images, it’s important to ask them how they achieve that style. In addition, asking your prospective maternity photographer about how they envision your session going will ensure that both parties are on the same page regarding expectations for the big day.

5. Ask if they have their own studio space

While many maternity photographers work on location, some prefer their clients to come to them. In addition, maternity photography is highly personal, and having their own studio affords you a degree of privacy, especially if you’re sharing your images with just family after the baby is born. Also, a professional studio gives the photographer much more control over aspects such as lighting and angles.

6. Ask if they supply dresses or outfits for your shoot

Some photographers with professional studios will have a dress for rent or other costume choices to make your shoot more fun and exciting. This gives you a chance to embrace your inner fashionista by dressing the part, just like any other fashion photoshoot you’d see in magazines.

Dubai Family Photographer

7. Ask about their photo retouching process

Maternity photography is all about capturing beauty during pregnancy, so there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be retouched in some way. However, ask your maternity photographer who will be doing the work and how extensive that process is to ensure you get the images you want with no surprises down the road.

8. Ask about their turnaround time

Retouching can take a while, and if this is something you’re hoping for, it’s best to make sure you are working with a maternity photographer who has the time to commit to getting all your images back to you within your desired window. For some expectant mothers, this is more of a priority than others, so it’s best to determine their turnaround time before booking them for your shoot.

Best Maternity Photographer in Cairo

Final thoughts on finding the best maternity photographer

Finding a maternity photographer in Cairo is no easy task. But with a little research and some advice from friends, family, and real moms in the area, you’re sure to find a talented professional who can capture your blossoming beauty during this incredible time of transition.

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