If you are getting married soon, you have probably been thinking about the flowers you would like in your bridal bouquet. This can often be a tricky decision to make since flowers and their colors symbolize different things. Let’s discover the wedding flowers and bridal bouquets in Cairo, Egypt and their meanings!

As a wedding photographer in Cairo, I see many different types of bridal bouquets and I can honestly say that no two bouquets are the same. I always find it interesting to ask the bride and to find out how and why she chose this specific bouquet and color combination over the others.

Wedding flowers and bridal bouquets in Cairo, Egypt

I often find that there is a beautiful story behind the choosing of the bridal bouquet and the color of the wedding flowers has a deep meaning for her. For example, I once worked with a bride who had one single tulip in a gorgeous blush color in a big bouquet of white roses. When I asked my bride about it, she said it was for her grandma. Her grandma was dreaming about a beautiful yellow tulip bouquet on her wedding day, but sadly those flowers were not in season at that moment and she couldn’t fulfill her dream. My bride therefore carried the single tulip in her bouquet to finally make her grandma’s dream come true and this really touched me deeply.

So, what does each kind of flower and its color represent or symbolize? Well, many flowers are chosen because of their association with love. For instance, roses and carnations in sweet red and pink hues are symbols of the couple’s strong and passionate love for one another.

Daffodils are normally the first flowers to appear in spring and these pretty flowers therefore represent new beginnings and the sprouting of new life, which is very appropriate for a wedding day.

Wedding flowers and bridal bouquets in Cairo, Egypt

The iris flower also looks incredible in a bridal bouquet. Irises come in different colors and the choice of hue will depend on what you hold most dear. In purple, they are associated with wisdom and royalty (which is how a bride feels on her wedding day). Faith and hope for a wonderful future together can be represented by blue irises, while the couple’s passion can be symbolized by yellow irises. Of course, we cannot forget white irises which pair very well with a white wedding dress and are associated with purity and innocence. The same can be said about roses: red roses mean passion and a deep love for one another, while white roses symbolize purity. 

If you would like to express your joy and happiness on your wedding day, pink roses are a lovely choice.

The hydrangea is the perfect flower to represent a marriage that will be strong in good times and bad. 

Wedding bouquets and bridal bouquets in Cairo, Egypt

Many brides choose flowers that have special meaning for them personally. You might have a favorite flower that represents something special in your life (for instance, you might remember that there were lilies growing in one of your favorite parks).

As a wedding photographer in Cairo, Egypt, I fully understand how stressful and busy it must be for you, as a bride with all those tiny details to take care of. If I can give you a word of encouragement, it would be to think of how rewarding it will be when you finally see all your dreams coming true on your big day. Seeing everything being perfect and just the way you wanted it to be will be priceless.

Wedding flowers and bridal bouquets in Cairo, Egypt

I have extensive experience as a wedding photographer in Cairo, Egypt and I would be honored to be a part of your special day, taking beautiful photos that will last for generations to come.

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