Fine art photography has a lasting beauty that you can carry with you anywhere.

In today’s digital world, anybody can pick up a camera. We take selfies with our friends and use timers to capture group photos. While these pictures still fill us with delight, they are not necessarily quality photography. That is why we still rely on talented and professional photographers to capture our most important moments.

Each photographer will have their own sense of style, so it is up to you to find the one with a style that you love. And if you want to feel beautiful, timeless, and ethereal, then fine art photography is the style for you.

Keep reading to find out exactly what it is as well as what to expect from a professional fine art photographer.

What to Expect Booking a Fine Art Photographer

What is Fine Art Photography?

Contrary to some people’s beliefs, fine art photography does not actually need to capture highly artistic or creative subjects. You can make fine art photography out of a simple flower just as much as you can out of a marble sculpture. Some people might assume that they are not meant to be the subjects of fine art photography, but this is a common misunderstanding.

Fine art photography is a style that focuses on the artistic vision of the photographer. Every detail, from the lighting to the background, is carefully styled to give off the chosen feeling. The primary goal of fine art photography is to express a feeling or idea through the photograph. Much like a painter would meticulously plan each brush stroke, a fine art photographer puts everything together to ensure that the final product is breathtaking.

Abu Dhabi wedding photographer, wedding photographer Dubai, female wedding photographer Dubai
Abu Dhabi wedding photographer, wedding photographer Dubai, female wedding photographer Dubai

What is Fine Art Photography

If you feel nervous about becoming the subject of fine art photography, don’t be! Your photographer will work with you to create a vision that you both love and feel comfortable with. To show you the sheer variety in the genre, here are some common examples of fine art photography subjects:

  • Nature, with or without a human subject.
  • A still portrait.
  • A moving portrait.
  • Objects or items.
  • Shadows.
  • Animals.

These are only a few! There is truly no obvious or stereotypical example of fine art photography. The main focus is always on the intent and the artistic vision of the photographer. Anybody and anything can be the star of a fine art photography session.

Booking a Fine Art Photographer

Does Fine Art Photography Have a Specific Style?

Now, you might be asking yourself: if fine art photography is so variable, does it have a specific style? This is a great question! After all, if the purpose is the artistic vision and intent, can’t anything qualify as fine art photography?

While the method can truly capture anything, there are some specific stylistic choices or calling cards that make their way into many fine art photoshoots. As mentioned above, it is common for many fine art photographers to focus on taking portraits of their subjects. This style works well for anybody who wants their picture taken in the fine art style.

You will often be able to dress up or use fashion to express yourself in fine art photography. When every detail counts towards the artistic vision, you can rest easy and feel beautiful with fully done hair, makeup, and clothing. The importance of feeling beautiful for your session is something that both the photographer and the client can agree on.

A discerning client might also realize that fine art photography sometimes has a softer, grainier tone than other pictures. This is because many professional fine art photographers prefer to shoot using medium format film as opposed to a digital camera. Using film does present a more subtly beautiful and timeless feeling, and is considered an iconic feature of this style.

Fine Art Photography Has a Lasting Beauty That You Can Carry with You Anywhere

What Do Fine Art Photoshoots Capture?

While it is true that fine art photography is concerned with the artistic vision of the photographer, the concerns and goals of the client are of the utmost importance. After meeting with your photographer and expressing what you want, the two of you together create an artistic vision. The photographer will then use their professional experience to bring that vision to life.

Wedding photographer Dubai
Wedding photographer Dubai

Many clients prefer the fine art style when they are having an important moment or event. Some of the most common examples of fine art photoshoots often include:

1. Maternity photos. There is something so beautiful and ageless about a mother carrying her child, and fine art photography is the perfect way to express that connection. The softer style and careful planning fit the vision for any mother-to-be who wants a perfect moment with her child.
2. Bridal boudoir photos. Boudoir photography is a more intimate and sensual experience, often meant as a gift to your partner or a way to represent your excitement about your upcoming wedding. Your fine art photographer will capture angelic photos of you during your session.
3. Wedding photography. In a similar vein to bridal boudoir, you want to capture photos of your wedding that you can treasure forever. The expression of eternal love is perfect for the fine art style. You can work with your photographer to bring to life the connection between you and your partner.

While these are the most common things captured by fine arts photoshoots, they are by no means exclusive. If you have a vision, don’t hesitate to find a photographer to bring it to life.

Boudoir Photographer Abu Dhabi
Boudoir Photographer Abu Dhabi

The Importance of Booking a Fine Art Photographer

It is important that you book specifically a fine art photographer for these kinds of sessions. While it may be tempting to go with the first person you find (or even a friend or family member that you know), a professional will be able to deliver the truly stunning photos that you want.

This is because fine art photography takes experience; one needs to create the perfect atmosphere, right down to the lighting and the shadows on the wall. A fine art photographer will also know how to idealize the world around you and express the key message that you are wanting to be shown.

When searching for photographers, you want to find somebody who explicitly notes on their website or card that they are a fine art photographer. You can also look at reviews from customers to ensure that the person you choose will have the proper experience.

In short, it is important to book a fine art photographer because they will best be able to use the stylistic choices and important qualities of fine art photography. The resulting photos will be beautiful, with a romantic and ethereal feel.

Abu Dhabi wedding photographer, wedding photographer Dubai, female wedding photographer Dubai
Abu Dhabi wedding photographer, wedding photographer Dubai, female wedding photographer Dubai

How Do I Find the Right Photographer For Me?

Alright, so we have covered the essentials of the photographic style and why you need a professional to lead your photoshoots. But how exactly do you find the right photographer for you? When it comes to important moments in your life like your wedding or before the birth of your child, you want to feel comfortable knowing that someone you trust and with a similar vision will be behind the camera.

There are several things to consider when it comes to finding the right photographer for you:

1. Budget. Think about the type of photos that you want and how long or intense you want your session to be. This will impact how expensive it is. When researching photographers, make sure to keep in mind your budget.
2. Schedule. Moments like a wedding or engagement shoot are planned well in advance, so you should find a photographer in the same way. Many schedules fill up fast, so make sure to find a photographer who is available when you want them.
3. Type of photoshoot. If you are imagining a bridal boudoir shoot, the first thing you should do is make sure that your photographer has experience with the boudoir style.
4. Overall style. Many photographers include a portfolio or example pictures to let you see their style. Look through them all and make sure that their unique style fits your vision. This will also help you conceptualize and explain to them what you want.

With these tips, you can find the best photographer for you. Many also offer consultations or appointments to meet and discuss any questions. Take advantage of this as a time to see whether or not you feel comfortable.

Abu Dhabi wedding photographer, wedding photographer Dubai, female wedding photographer Dubai
Abu Dhabi wedding photographer, wedding photographer Dubai, female wedding photographer Dubai

What to Expect From Your Fine Art Photographer

Even once you pick out the best photographer for you, it can still be stressful wondering what to expect. This can be particularly true for a fine art photographer, since many people might not have experienced working with one before. Although specifics will vary for each session, there are general things that you can expect.

Just as was mentioned in the last section, you can expect your photographer to offer a consultation or open avenue of communication about what you are expecting. You can take this as an opportunity to outline your vision and make it clear what you want your photos to look like. Your photographer will offer some suggestions or ideas, and at the end you will both have a good idea of what the shoot will look like.

On the day of your shoot, your photographer will go out of their way to make sure that you are comfortable. This is especially true for more intimate or personal photographs. This can include offering you advice on poses or expressions and checking in to make sure that you are okay. You will typically be in charge of your own hair and makeup, but check with your photographer!

Afterwards, they will do their best to deliver your photos in a timely manner, beautifully constructed and edited. Shooting on film takes a bit more time to develop, but it is worth it in the end. With a fine art photographer, you can expect a final product that is light, timeless, and absolutely stunning.

Abu Dhabi wedding photographer, wedding photographer Dubai, female wedding photographer Dubai

Why Do So Many People Love Fine Art Photography?

Fine art photography is doubtlessly popular, especially for important events and moments like the ones that have been described. If you catch yourself wondering why exactly the style is so popular, just look at some fine art photos on your own. As you can see, they are stunning and produce a vivid emotion or message to the viewer. People also love fine art photography because:

1. It is timeless. Many photos can eventually appear dated or old, from the background to the clothes that you wear. Fine art photography has a lasting beauty that you can carry with you anywhere.
2. It makes them feel beautiful. It is so important that everyone feels like they are lovely, and a good fine art photographer can produce a photograph that captures your true beauty and inner light.
3. It marks important moments. When you use fine art photography to capture important moments like your wedding or your pregnancy, you will get photos that are both stunning to look at and invoke memories of your favorite times.

You just need to look at the satisfied customer reviews from various fine art photographers to see how much people love the artform! It truly captures your dreams and brings them to life.

Abu Dhabi wedding photographer, wedding photographer Dubai, female wedding photographer Dubai
Abu Dhabi wedding photographer, wedding photographer Dubai, female wedding photographer Dubai

Book Your Own Fine Art Photography Shoot Today

As you can see, fine art photography is so much more than just pointing your camera at something and pressing a button. It is truly an art form, a method of creative expression that can connect both the photographer and their subject. When done by a professional, you will see that fine art photography is one of the most beautiful styles out there.

So, for important things like bridal boudoir photoshoots, maternity pictures, or your wedding day, why not consider fine art photography? You will love the beautiful and angelic pictures with their soft tones and meticulously planned details. You might just want to hang them up forever.

What is Fine art photography
Soft Tones and Meticulously Planned Details of Fine Art Photography

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