They say that even after months of preparation, you barely have time to sit down on your wedding day. It all passes by in a whirlwind of a ceremony and reception as you as the bride and groom do your best to ensure the day goes perfectly. After all, your wedding is the culmination of a loving relationship and a promise to stay together through thick and thin. It’s something you want to remember, but not necessarily something you have time to document throughout the day. Certain things may slip through the cracks – the excitement and joy as you prepare for the ceremony, the look on everyone’s faces as the bride walks down the aisle, or the exact moment you began your first dance. That’s where a wedding photographer comes in, and Alona Koenig is the perfect example. Alona is an English, French and Russian speaking wedding photographer in Cairo, Egypt with a knack for capturing the moments you’ll cherish forever.

English speaking wedding photographer in Cairo, Egypt

Why Wedding Photography is So Important.

Let’s face it: weddings are expensive. I personally have known couples who are eager to prepare the perfect wedding but are unable to handle the high costs of every aspect. Sometimes you have to settle and let something go, or choose a slightly cheaper alternative. It can be easy to assume that photographs taken by friends and family during the ceremony will be able to capture those memories of your perfect day. After all, they’ll be part of your wedding anyway. Why not just have them take pictures at the same time and save on the cost of the wedding photographer?

There are easy answers to this question, and they are quality and experience. Wedding photographers are one facet of your wedding that should never be simplified. Photography is a skill that comes with time, and a wedding photographer will have all the experience needed to produce breathtaking photos. In addition, a wedding photographer comes onto the wedding with a single purpose: oversee the day and capture the perfect moments. Friends and family are naturally going to want to focus on the ceremony and let loose at the reception, and that can mean they might miss some moments simply by getting distracted by the lovely experience. 

English speaking female wedding photographer in Cairo, Egypt

High-quality equipment is also a huge part of capturing photos that you’ll be proud to hang up all over your home. Wedding photographers have carefully curated collections of lenses and equipment for every type of ceremony, and so will be able to work in a variety of different conditions with no problem. 

As much as we hate to admit it, human memory is not immune to time. Your wedding is a day you will remember for the rest of your life, but after a few years most people will forget smaller details outside of the big picture. Hiring a wedding photographer ensures you will have a wealth of photos from the happiest day of your life that keep those memories safe forever.

English speaking female wedding photographer in Cairo, Egypt

Finding the Perfect Wedding Photographer.

Your wedding is something you look forward to for so long! Months of preparations and worry come together to create a ceremony that is perfect for you and your partner. As we’ve established, such a perfect day needs the perfect photographer to accompany it. Not every wedding photographer is created equal; experience levels and comfort in situations vary from person to person. It’s important to find a photographer that understands your vision and can’t wait to capture your wedding day.

Destination weddings or weddings that take place in a different country are very common, as they present a vacation for many. Sometimes, you also find yourself getting married closer to family on either partner’s side. Regardless of the situation, you may find yourself getting married in a place where you don’t speak the common language. Booking a wedding photographer who speaks your language and the language of your guests is a good way to eliminate some of that stress. I find Alona Koenig to be a great example of an English speaking wedding photographer in Cairo, Egypt who prioritizes communication.

English speaking female wedding photographer in Cairo, Egypt

The perfect wedding photographer captures not just the big moments of a wedding (the first look, the kiss, and first dance for example) but the tiniest details that make everything come together. A simple shot of the bride getting ready or the wedding rings resting in their box can conjure up warm and romantic feelings. You can always tell your wedding photographer the vision you have for your wedding pictures, and the perfect photographer for you will be able to take that vision and run. Even when you think you know what to expect, your wedding photos will amaze you! Don’t be afraid to explore several options for a wedding photographer and only move forward when you feel a good connection. I know that professionals like Alona will be just as excited as you are at the chance to photograph your wedding!

English speaking female wedding photographer in Cairo, Egypt

To Have and To Hold.

At the end of the day, your wedding is something you will remember for the rest of your life. Any stress or worry melts away and you’re left with the warm, fuzzy recollections of a perfect day with the person you love the most. Make those memories just a little clearer by hiring a talented wedding photographer to capture the ceremony with no muss or fuss and deliver some truly breathtaking shots you will treasure for years to come. You’ll find yourself looking back at your wedding album and smiling more often than you think. I know that each wedding is unique and special, just like the couples who are joined together. With a bit of luck and a whole lot of talent, your chosen English speaking wedding photographer in Cairo, Egypt will deliver photos that are just as lovely and individual as the ceremony. 

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English speaking female wedding photographer in Cairo, Egypt

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