Engagement session Cairo. Nowadays photos have become something much more important than just the pictures for the family album. We don’t take them and just store them somewhere far away together with the rest of the books. We don’t let them just lay there and gather the dust anymore.. We want to share them with our families and friends, we want all of our closest people to see them, to live that moment with us. We want to hang them on the walls, post on social media, send gift albums to the grandparents.

Engagement session Cairo

Engagement session Cairo
Engagement session Cairo


We can’t imagine our lives without images anymore. We started understanding the real value of them, the importance of photography. There are so many days we would like to keep in our memories forever, give them a chance to go through years and years without fading away. We want to freeze in time the most important days of our lives. Wouldn’t you like to recreate the day you’ve met the love of your life? Or get those first, the sweetest couple photos with him or her? I adore engagement sessions. Filled with love, emotions, laughter and fun. That engagement session would be just the beginning of all the beautiful years you are about to spend together, wedding photographers in Egypt — Cairo.


I guess, you’re here because you’re searching for your photographer. For the one, who will meet your needs, understand the importance of that day for you.


Ask me...

Ask me...


My job is to be invisible – and yet to be fully present there. To catch the real moments, to capture raw emotions. Your love story, your first couple photos, your engagement session, your wedding, your first house, the birth of your child, his first days and years of life. There are so many stories which deserve being put into photographs. Each and every of those photos contain a piece of your life, a moment, which will never happen again. Other beautiful moments will come- but none of them will be exactly the same.

Engagement session
Engagement session



Don’t let yourself forget them. Let me preserve them for you. You will love your photos. I promise!


It was my pleasure having you here. Thank you for your interest in my works and I hope to meet you soon!

Alona Koenig


If you’re planning your trip here, it might be useful to know the monthly average temperatures in Cairo, Egypt

Month average max temperature average min temperature
January 19 °C 10 °C
February 20 °C 11 °C
March 23 °C 13 °C
April 28 °C 15 °C
May 32 °C 19 °C
June 34 °C 22 °C
July 35 °C 23 °C
August 35 °C 24 °C
September 33 °C 22 °C
October 30 °C 19 °C
November 25 °C 15 °C
December 20 °C 11 °C


Find more information on that and my suggestions on what to wear while in Cairo here!

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